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Privacy Policy


The Privacy Policy describes how Boon-Chapman Benefit Administrators, Inc. ("Boon-Chapman") protects and makes use of the information given to the company when this website is used. If you are asked to provide information while using this website, it will only be used in the ways described in this Privacy Policy.

This Policy is updated from time to time. The latest version is published on this page. If you have any questions about this Policy, please email or call Customer Service at 1-800-252-9653.

Boon-Chapman gathers and uses certain information about individuals to improve its products and services, and to enable certain functions of the website. In addition, Boon-Chapman may collect information to better understand how users interact with the website so that the company can present timely and relevant information to its website visitors.

Data Gathered

Boon-Chapman may gather the following data:

  • Name and job title

  • Contact information (ex. email)

  • Demographic information (ex. zip)

  • Website usage data

  • Other information relevant to client inquiries

  • Other information pertaining to special offers and surveys

Data Usage

Data helps the company understand what users are looking for from the website. Boon-Chapman may use data:

  • For internal records

  • To improve products and services

  • To contact users in response to specific inquiries

  • To customize the website for users

  • To send emails with relevant information to users

  • To contact users via email, telephone or mail for market research reasons


A cookie is a small file placed on your computer’s hard drive. It enables Boon-Chapman to identify your computer as you view different pages on this website.

Cookies allow websites and applications to store your preferences in or to present content, options or functions that are specific to you. They also enable Boon-Chapman to see information, such as user usage of the website.

Boon-Chapman may use cookies to:

  • Analyze web traffic using an analytics program. Aggregated usage data helps the company improve website structure, design, content and functions.

  • Identify users signed into the website. Cookies enable the company to see which users are signed in to the site. 

  • Test content on the website. For example, for testing purposes, 50 perfect of website users could see one piece of content, while the other 50 percent could see a different piece of content.

  • Store information about user preferences. This would help the website present relevant information to different users.

  • Recognize when a user returns to the website. The website may show relevant content, or provide functionality that was used previously.

Cookies do not give Boon-Chapman access to your computer or to any information about you; other than the information that you choose to share with Boon-Chapman.

Unless you have altered your browser to refuse cookies, the Boon-Chapman website will issue cookies when you visit it. To determine how the website uses cookies, you can check your web browser's cookie settings. If you do not want the website to store cookies from your computer or device, you can set your web browser to refuse cookies. However, doing this may impact your user experience with the Boon-Chapman website.


The Boon-Chapman website may contain links to other websites.

Please note: Boon-Chapman has no control of websites outside of the Boon-Chapman domain. If you provide information to a website that Boon-Chapman links to, Boon-Chapman is not responsible for the protection and privacy of that information.

Always be cautious when giving information to websites. Read the site’s data protection and privacy policies in full before providing information.


Boon-Chapman will always keep your information as secure as possible. Boon-Chapman will never lease, distribute or sell personal information to third parties unless given written permission or being required by law to do so.

To prevent unauthorized disclosure or access to personal information, Boon-Chapman enforces strong physical and electronic security safeguards. Any personal information and protected health information (PHI) held by Boon-Chapman is stored and processed in line with the United States and State of Texas data protection laws and HIPAA privacy regulations.​


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