Simplify your B2B connections. We expedite datafile exchange between business partners through EDI, empowering companies to streamline operations and increase efficiencies. Although EDI sounds simple, it's often very complex. Built in-house, our EDI services have helped many insurance companies set up connections to exchange HIPAA-compliant files, proprietary files and automated error reports.

Electronic Data Interchange

Legacy System Modernization

Maximize your legacy systems. We understand the strengths and weaknesses of legacy systems. We know how to leverage the good while eliminating the bad; including inefficient business processes, a lack of business intelligence, demanding manual intervention and limited web services. Leveraging web-based interfaces, web services, service-oriented architectures and data warehousing, we empower users to work in a relational environment, without replacing valuable legacy systems.

Empower users to access information and self serve, anytime, anywhere. Web-based self-service portals minimize administrative demands, reduce costs and increase efficiencies. Leveraging cloud-based technology, our self-service portals allow users to work anytime, anywhere, with the ability to pull reports, perform transactions, drill into data, communicate and more.

Self-Service Portals & Workflows

Automated Billing & Collections

Given our history as a TPA, we know the importance of getting money in, and getting money out, faster. We built our own enterprise application that streamlines billing, collections and more, and we rely on it every day.

Business Process Outsourcing

Our history in insurance, combined with our operational and software capabilities, help us empower insurance companies with business process outsourcing services that minimize costs, increase efficiencies & deliver business intelligence.

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